In the recently-concluded World Travel Awards, Chile received the honor of being the World's Leading Adventure Tourism Destination in 2016. This scenic country outshone other 7 nominees in the same category. What kind of adventure tourism does this region have that attract guests across the globe? Expand your wonder as you read through this list.

First, Chile is the ultimate go-to place for stargazing because its spheres are usually free from rain fall. The Atacama Desert, and Elqui Valley are eminent places for such kind of adventure tourism. Night time tours for avid stargazers could be arranged to view star formations using the observatories docked at the Atacama Desert. On the same note, Elqui Valley is another one to explore as it houses the oldest observatory center.

On another kind of adventure tourism, Chile abound in landscapes that are good for trekking. For instance, the El Parque Torres del Paine and the Valle de la Luna. The El Parque boasts of exciting trails and routes that are teeming with beautiful lakes, mountains, trees, and glaciers.

Chile is an abode for daredevils who like volcano climbing. Ojos Del Salado and Villarrica Volcano are the primary challenges to adventurers because of their intrepid geographic make-up. Ojos Del Salado is the highest volcano in the world and its extremely high altitude and dry atmosphere make it an intimidating hike. On the other hand, Villarica Volcano is an enjoyably challenging hike because of its splendour in the summer and winter.

Another adrenaline-rush activity that Chile offers is sandboarding. The San Pedro de Atacama Desert gives a great slide and glide because of its height and arid dunes. There are several spots for sandboarding in the long stretch of the dessert. One notorious spot is the Death Valley that paves that way for sandboarding even under the evening sky.

Chile's National Tourist Board, Servicio Nacional de Turismo, has noted a statistics of 3,649,085 foreign visitors as of August 2016. The tourism is advancing and is forging a good future ahead for the country. It is no wonder that Chile was nominated in some major categories in the World Travel Awards such as the leading beach destination, business travel destination, culinary destination, green destination and sports tourism destination in South America.

Chile truly stands out as the destination for adventure toursists. What is your next kind of adventure? Let Chile help you in this category.