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Astrotourism in Chelsea

Astrotourism 101: What Exactly is It?

Many countries have been highlighting astrotourism as one of their main offerings for travelers, but what exactly is it?


17 Places You Must Visit Before You Die

The world is too big to conquer in one lifetime, but don't miss out on the world's most spectacular destinations. As you hit the road, these 17 destinations around the globe should be part of your ultimate travel bucket list.


Chile Will Have New And Expanded National Parks, Thanks To Private Donation

Chile will have new and expanded national parks this year thanks to Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, wife of the famous conservationist Douglas Tompkins, donating about one million acres of land and the country's government with President Michelle Bachelet of 10 million acres of federally-owned acreage.


Why You Should Include Chile In Your Travel Bucket List

Chile is a must travel destination this 2017.


Travel Tips: The Best Adventure Activities In Chile

Chile won the World's Leading Adventure Tourism Destination in 2016 and surpassed even Australia, Canada Ecuador, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand and USA. Why? Read through.


Top Five Famous Bucket List Entries Every Traveler Must Visit

With so many great places to see, one will nver run out of places to visit in this world. We have simply narrowed down 5 places that we think everyone should get the chance to see at least once in their life.


Travel Tips: Four Extreme Travel Adventures Daredevil Travelers Can Try

You do extreme sports like bungee jumping, sky diving and canoeing. But if you think you’ve done it all, think again. Here are some of the activities suited for the brave and daredevils only. In these tours, failure is not an option.


Top Five Romantic Holiday Getaway Ideas For You And Your Loved Ones

Holidays are getting near, despite the fact that it is absolutely the season to be jolly, sometimes we cannot obviate from the stressful vibes, hectic schedules and out-of-this-world demands either from your boss or from your in-laws when December kicks in.


Top Five Ideas For A Super-Safe Holiday Get Away; An Alternative To A Europe-Based Travel

Many jetsetters and frequent travelers are now having a hesitation in taking a trip to Europe. For some travelers, extensive destinations maybe the key to keep you on the go in travelling overseas. Here are the top five remote places to go for a super-safe holiday


Zika-Free Travel Destinations and Tips For You To Remember!

In fear of the Zika Virus, a lot of travelers changed itineraries and avoided the countries included in list issued by The Centers for Disease Control which is all over the world.


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