Are you the type to enjoy sitting out and looking up at the night sky, trying to form constellations and other shapes using the stars? It can be pretty hard to do that, especially when you're in a city that has significant light pollution. 

But here's some good news for all stargazing lovers out there: There's such a thing as astrotourism! What's more is that a number of countries around the world banner it in an effort to entice more travelers to visit their countries. 

Before we look deeper into that, let's first answer one very important question. 

What exactly is astrotourism?

Astrotourism in Chelsea
(Photo : Chile Travel)

What is Astrotourism?

The Utah Office of Tourism defines astrotourism as "a low-impact, sustainable form of tourism focused on the viewing of celestial objects and events." This term also defines tourism-related activities that involve or are related to the viewing of these celestial objects. 

"With nearly 80% of North Americans unable to see the Milky Way at night from their homes, places where the night sky is preserved offer visitors a truly unique, memorable, and moving experience," it adds. 

Countries That Highlight It 

As previously mentioned, the light pollution in cities and other populated towns make it difficult to enjoy astrotourism. While there are countless spots around the world where you can stargaze, there are countries that actually place high importance in promoting astrotourism to interested travelers. 

Here are some examples of those countries where travelers can enjoy astrotourism. 


One of the countries that highlight astrotourism as part of what it can offer travelers is none other than Albania. This Southeastern Europe nation is a must-visit for those who enjoy being in nature. 

Particulatly, in the evening, Albania has much to offer those who want to enjoy some camping and astrotourism. Make sure to visit Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park, where astrotourism is being offered for the very first time. Located town of Librazhd and north of Lake Ohrid, it will be an instant favorite especiall for those who enjoy being in the mountains. 

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Chile's website dedicated to tourism claims that the country's skies are "the cleanest in the entire southern hemisphere." In fact, according to the website, Chile enjoys around 300 clear days in a year. Light pollution is likewise scarce, which makes it an ideal destination for stargazers. 

Among the towns and cities you can visit to appreciate Chile's astrotourism are as follows:

  • Antofagasta
  • Iquique  
  • La Serena 
  • San Pedro de Atacama 
  • Valle del Elqui 

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