You're a seasoned traveller and have been in many places where other people are not yet exploring. You do extreme sports like bungee jumping, sky diving and canoeing. But if you think you've done it all, think again. Here are some of the activities suited for the brave and daredevils only. In these tours, failure is not an option.

Shark Diving in Bahamas and Fiji Island

There are only a couple of places in the world where you can meet and greet one of the most fearful creations alive. Shark diving will change your perception about these breathtaking predators. Book a trip to Bahamas and experience the thrill of swimming with tiger sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, and nurse sharks at Tiger Beach. It is one of the best diving destinations among professional photographers and videographers as well. If you want to feel another island adventure, Beqa Lagoon Resort is there to guide you. It is located at the Fiji Island. You will not just love the rustic scenery; you'll also be hooked to dive in with their bull shark visitors.

Volcano bungee jumping in Chile

Volcanoes are amazing work of nature but when it's angry, it's very unfriendly. Near Pucon, Chile, risk-takers are mingling with an active volcano by bungee jumping head first. The helicopter hovers into the caldera where you can jump about 200m of flowing lava. will surely fire up your brave heart.

Wing-walking in the UK

Experience on of the greatest aerial adventures, wing walking. Fly up, walk, run and do your tricks on the wing of a biplane while floating in the air. Into the Blue offers this exhilarating ride that will take you to three different UK airfields. Become a Wing Walker at £449.00.

 Ice Swimming in Finland

"The cold doesn't bother me anyway," Elsa said in Frozen. If you dare to be like her, take the plunge in the cold, deep water with a temperature of almost four degrees. Check Rovaniemi and have that refreshing and energizing vacation that will surely wake you up the whole day.