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17 Places You Must Visit Before You Die

Travelers Today       By    Naia Carlos

May 08, 2018 10:15 AM EDT

When it comes to traveling, there's too much to see and too little time, which is daunting to jet-setters who want to see it all.

Bucket lists help these globetrotters figure out where they want to go the most. Figuring out priority destinations can help them plan out the next few years and save up the cash needed to get to their dream destination.

But where does one start?

Preference plays a big part in selecting the hotspots to put on each traveler's must-visit list. There are adventurers who scale the Earth's highest peaks, going higher and higher each time, trying to touch the sky with each trip abroad. Some tourists enjoy the opportunity to learn about the history of ancient cultures, while others prefer the lights and the buzz of sprawling cityscapes. Ocean lovers gravitate toward coastal towns and remote isles to get their dose of the sea, and wildlife enthusiasts will trek to the deepest parts of the jungle for a glimpse of a rare creature in their natural habitat. And then there are those who want to expand their horizons by visiting different types of destinations.

There are plenty of other factors — budget, schedule, other obligations — and the plan varies from tourist to tourist, but there are a number of destinations that should not be missed over the course of a lifetime.

From awe-inspiring natural wonders to architectural accomplishments that have stood the test of time, here are 17 unforgettable places that every traveler should add to their bucket list.

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