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Great Wall of China

17 Places You Must Visit Before You Die

The world is too big to conquer in one lifetime, but don't miss out on the world's most spectacular destinations. As you hit the road, these 17 destinations around the globe should be part of your ultimate travel bucket list.


The 5 Dynasties That Built The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is a 2,200-year old engineering project built by several dynasties.


Candidacy To ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’: Travel & See Why Such Place Is Called A Wonder

Curiosity attacks for the basis of the places considered as wonders of the world. Travel to the different places and check out the different criterion that is possessed by the modern ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’.


Battle Of Countries With The World’s Best Architectural Buildings

Experience a great and grand feeling with spectacular, tall yet authentic and beautiful buildings located in different countries.


Discover The Untold Story Of Great Wall Of China; Nurture And Travel The Seven Wonders Of The World [Part 1]

The Great Wall of China is undeniably the most perfect spot in the world. Discover more about the place and how and why it was created and don’t even hesitate not to travel to one of the greatest wonders of the world.


The World's Largest High-speed Railway Station, To Be Built Beside The Great Wall Of China

The world’s largest and deepest high-speed railway station is to be built just below the most popular section of the Great Wall of China. This major project is part of the country’s preparations for the 2022 Winter Olympics.


Oh, The Places You Should Go: 10 Exciting Spots You Should Be Going

Every place you will go to will offer a unique experience and cultural differences. You should take advantage of them, because when will you have another opportunity to experience another culture. And isn't that part of the point of travelling, to gather a deeper understanding an appreciation of another's culture and way of life. Also, some of these activities and places are just plain fun, awe inspiring, or breathtaking. So, why not?


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