June 24, 2024 4:10 PM

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17 Places You Must Visit Before You Die

The world is too big to conquer in one lifetime, but don't miss out on the world's most spectacular destinations. As you hit the road, these 17 destinations around the globe should be part of your ultimate travel bucket list.


Candidacy To ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’: Travel & See Why Such Place Is Called A Wonder

Curiosity attacks for the basis of the places considered as wonders of the world. Travel to the different places and check out the different criterion that is possessed by the modern ‘Seven Wonders Of The World’.


A Place Built Out Of Love, Longing & Sadness; Travel & Discover More About Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is not just a cultural heritage but also considered as one of the Seven Wonders of World. Check out the back story of the heritage and appreciate it while travelling.


Top Five Famous Bucket List Entries Every Traveler Must Visit

With so many great places to see, one will nver run out of places to visit in this world. We have simply narrowed down 5 places that we think everyone should get the chance to see at least once in their life.


Dubai: The New Home For Legoland, Motiongate, Bollywood And Many More

Dubai Parks and Resorts is the world's first integrated theme parks Legoland & Legoland Waterpark, Motiongates, Bollywood Park complimented with posh shopping, chic dining and entertainment.


Trump’s Taj Mahal Casino Shuts Down After 26 Years

Donald Trump and fellow billionaire Carl Icahn decided to close Taj Mahal casino after 26 years of service.


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