There always comes a time in our lives when we feel very heavy because of all the problems we face. These everyday troubles often give us stress that we always dream of traveling far away just to escape these problems even for a short while and refresh our troubled minds.

If you want a relaxing vacation, then heading out to the destinations with the clearest, bluest waters in the world is sure to be a quick fix. There are a handful of places in the world that offer these natural beauties—waters so clear and serene that swimming in them almost seems like a crime. Here ar some of the places with the bluest waters in the world:

Palawan, the Philippines. Almost everyone in the world knows where Palawan is since it's one of the most coveted island destinations on the planet. This archipelago is a Philippine treasure, the beaches—especially in El Nido and Coron—boast of enthralling beauty that seems out of this world, according to Time. It's constantly voted as the best island in the world, and frankly, we wouldn't dare ask why.

The Maldives. This celebrity-favorite destination is one of the world's best islands and staying at a luxury bungalow in the middle of the ocean is a dream for almost everyone. The Maldives' beaches are so clear, you can see the teeming ocean life thriving underneath the waters. According to Matador Network, it's in danger of completely vanishing though, so make sure to experience visiting this country before it's too late.

Havelock Island, India. If you crave for a picturesque beach destination but hates sharing it with rowdy crowds, then make a trip down to the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal. It's not easily accessible, but hey, good things come to those who wait. It's a true paradise for any beach lover, and once you get here, you might not want to leave.

To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa. This swimming hole is a delight for any visitor. Do not be fooled by its magnificent teal waters though, it's actually 100 feet deep. Commonly known as "The Big Hole", tourists must first brave the hiking in the lush forest in the lava fields outside of Lotofaga village on Upolu Island in Samoa before getting to this natural wonder. It's a bit tiring, but all the effort is worth it.