From caves, to puppet shows, and food trips in different cities, it might be difficult for some to travel around with only a limited number of days. Here are five of the things one should not miss out when in Vietnam.

Food tour in Hanoi- Bun cha (pork with rice noodles), mi quang (fantastic noodle dish), happy pancakes, spring rolls, pho, beautiful steamed fish, sticky rice and egg coffee (yes, you read it correctly) were some of the highlights which cost just $15.

Chu Chi Tunnels- One of Ho Chi Minh's most iconic attractions where visitors can enjoy activities such as following the claustrophobia-inducing routes of the underground army. The tunnels have been coated with cement and widened so it is not quite the harrowing experience it would have been all those years ago, plus there are emergency exit points every ten metres for safety.

Water puppet shows- This really is something you can only experience in Vietnam, but is an activity that seems to get overlooked by many visitors, says The Guardian. The stage is a large pool of water in which the puppets act out tales from Vietnamese folklore with a traditional Vietnamese orchestra playing throughout. The puppeteers are extremely skilled and great artistry goes into the puppets themselves.

Hoi An Old Town- Hoi An is known for its great food, fun shopping, skilled tailors, friendly people and cosy atmosphere. Hoi An Riverside is the best place to be at night as the area is lit by quaint and old-fashioned lanterns, making it an atmospheric and beautiful spot. For those who love sea, sun and sand, according to Vietnam Guide, Hoi An offers two lovely beaches five kilometres away.

Da Nang mountain bike tour- This trip starts as the sun rises over Da Nang and it takes in the Dragon bridge and the stunning countryside. Pedalling through villages and mountains with a small group and a knowledgeable local guide is a really fun way to see this beautiful and historic area. Half or full days and some of three to four days.