The year 2016 is quickly coming to a close. All over America, citizens are already planning on how they want to welcome the New Year. If you're big on the party scene, then this list will bring you the five best places to be at the very start of 2017.

First and foremost, we're going to have to talk about watching the ball drop in Times Square, New York. This iconic practice is world famous for being one of the grandest New Year's celebrations in the entire world.

Featuring a remarkable fireworks display, premium party locations spread across the area, and an unmistakable feeling of belonging and celebration, Times Square is definitely a great place to welcome the year. Not to mention, with all those people, you might just find your very own New Year's kiss partner.

Families looking to welcome the New Year together may want to consider going somewhere a little warmer during the winter. Many parents are opting to bring their kids to the gorgeous beaches of Hawaii to spend the first day of the year in a beautiful beachfront resort.

All across the tropical state, New Year's Eve celebrations are both adventure-packed and absolutely picturesque. With amazing beachfront parties, entertainment stages for kids, and a grand New Year carnival, Hawaii is definitely a top-pick for New Year jet setters.

Being one of the year's biggest and loudest party holidays, it's no wonder why more than 300, 000 people opt to spend New Year in Las Vegas. Sin City is already home to some of the grandest parties in the world, but it gets even bigger on this holiday.

According to Fodor's, Las Vegas is known for holding incredible shows and mind-boggling entertainment during New Years. Furthermore, the infamous Las Vegas strip transforms itself into the biggest street party ever with laser shows and pyrotechnics found left and right.

When it comes to musical places in the United States, New Orleans definitely takes the cake. This Jazz mecca is home to one of the greatest New Year's celebrations in the nation. If you don't think they can party, you've probably never heard of Mardi Gras.

New Year's Eve in New Orleans is made memorable through its spectacular fifteen minute fireworks display along the Mississippi River. In addition, the night comes alive in Bourbon Street and the Latin Quarter, where the booming music is sure to awaken and revitalize your spirit.

Of course celebrities would know how to spend the New Year right. And you'll find no place in America with more A-listers than the home of Hollywood: Los Angeles, California. This gorgeous city comes with celebrations designed for everyone at every style, taste, and price range.

LA offers a wide array of New Year's celebrations from bar crawls to special club events. A new LA practice includes a city-wide club crawl that allows one-ticket access to some of the hottest clubs in the city. In addition, Escape Here recommends the annual ball drop at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood features a phenomenal LED light show that's sure to start the new year with a bang.