Thailand offers many activities especially for the adventurous travelers. Besides the beautiful nature of the country, tourists are also attracted to the fun filled activities they can do when they are in Thailand. From taking on adventures outdoors by the forest, by the sea or even coming across with unique animals, Thailand's gates are open.

According to Matador Network and Travel Channel, Thailand has lots of jaw dropping activities to boast about. Here are some of the best outdoor adventure activities tourists can do in Thailand. Now, everyone will know why the country is described as "Amazing Thailand".

1. Muai Thai training camp- Best for those who are interested with being fit and kick boxing, training in the Muai Thai camp is a wonderful experience. There are lots of Muai Thai gyms around Thailand who offers these classes to Westerners anytime. Trainees get to advance to different levels as they train but one day training is also available.

2. Skydiving- Most people have skydiving in their bucket lists. Feel your heart stop and adrenaline rush by enjoying this activity in Thailand. Skydiving in Thailand is great since the country's weather is always ready to accommodate skydivers.

3. Waterfall Abseiling- Who thinks wall climbing is a piece of cake? Then they should level up by climbing up a 35-feet waterfall. Climb up just like how someone climbs up a wall but the challenge is the water coming down from above hitting you as you climb up.

4. Sea kayaking- Because of the wonderful seas and rivers of Thailand, enjoying a nice cruise would be great. Kayak through the beautiful waters and see different islands, ancient caves and cliff faces. One of the best places to go kayaking is the Ao Nang Bay.

5. Jungle Trekking- Discover the inner beauty of Thailand through trekking. Trekkers will be able to see animals, waterfalls, rivers and other hidden wonders of the country. Most trek rails is best enjoyed for about three days. One of the best trekking places is Pai.