Skip the airport snacks when travelling and bring your own instead. Here are five snacks for all types of food fans that cost less than those from the airport, can be tailored to your tastes, and will save you any pre-flight stress at the newsstand.

Dried fruit- Dried fruit is a refreshing and healthy snack, and the variety available today makes it a snap to create something amazing. The tropical mix is simple and will make your flight feel easy-breezy, but have fun mixing whatever types of fruits you fancy. This mix made enough for several flights, so it only ends up costing a few dollars per flight.

Raw Nuts- Raw nuts-such as almonds, walnuts, and cashews-are awesome foods for traveling. Not only do they keep well, but snacking on a few protein-rich nuts can even boost your mood. Avoid getting hungry by always keeping a few varieties with you on the go.

Fresh snack- This timeless pairing of apple and peanut butter makes an ideal snack for those wanting something healthy and fresh on their flight. USA Today advices to keep your apple slices in a separate zip-top bag or simply pack a whole apple and spread the nut butter on it before you bite. Bananas are another great and easy-to-transport option for fruit.

Rice Chips- Rice chips are a great option for a gluten-free snack. They're full of flavor and crunch but won't upset your tummy if you have allergies or celiac disease. And they pair well with dips and spreads, such as guacamole, nut butters, or jam. According to Glamour, for an added kick, Lundberg Farms makes rice chips in flavors such as wasabi and fiesta lime.

Cheese and crackers- This classic combination will cost you when ordered in-flight. All you need is a suitable cracker, which you can pack in a small zip-top bag. And since cheese is best served at room temperature, you don't need to worry about keeping it cold until the flight. Plus, the entire platter costs less than a glass of airline wine.