Who says traveling should be expensive? Anyone can travel to different places around the world without the requirement of having a huge amount of money. Planning for a budget trip is quite fun and easy in some ways.

The Student Universe and Telegraph listed down some of the cheapest country anyone can visit. These countries provide cheap and affordable accommodation and products to suit the needs of backpacking travelers or for those having a tight budget. So for tourists looking for a budget travel, here are some of the cheapest country a travel can visit.

1. Indonesia- Indonesia is a country close to nature. It has thousands of islands tourists can visit to. With forests, waterfalls, oceans, mountains and animals, tourists get to discover and see more of nature. Tourists' average spending in Indonesia is $1,036.

2. India- India is a budget friendly country. With lots of affordable backpackers that offer enough for travelers to survive and enjoy their travel, India is indeed a wonderful travel choice despite the tight budget. The average spending of tourists in India is about $2,640.2.

3. Thailand- Thailand is a country rich in culture and tradition and is filled with cheap and affordable finds. With its delicious street foods, high-quality yet affordable clothes and architectural wonders, Thailand is a very interesting place to travel. The best part is that you don't need to spend too much in the country.

4. Costa Rica- Costa Rica is one of the best places any traveler could go to. The country is rich in animals, biodiversities, hot springs and other offerings form nature. It may not be as cheap as in other countries but narrowing down your travel expenses will you keep your budget.

5. Peru- Peru offers amazing beaches, rainforests and ruins to travelers even in a tight budget. Experience a different kind of travel by exploring through the mountains and having a great adventure in different parts of the country.