Airports are somehow considered as a representative of each country. It is the first place every traveller sees in each country. America known as a home for a lot of the world-class things in the world surely houses a lot of world-class airports. Here are five of the world-class airports throughout America.

Palm Beach International Airport (PBI)

As Miami and Ft. Lauderdale grow ever larger and more crowded, Palm Beach remains the easiest airport to navigate in the region. In fact, PBI is banking on travelers having extra time; it installed a putting green for golf lovers to get some practice time in before jetting out of town says

Indianapolis International Airport (IND)

Indianapolis's eight-year old terminal just feels Midwestern with its airy circular Civic Plaza at the center of it all. Unlike at most airports, the security checkpoints were designed to help people breeze through TSA procedures. Once through, the concourses are full of local favorites like Shapiro's Delicatessen. According to, this is the third year that Indianapolis has ranked no. 1 in the U.S.

Long Beach Airport (LGB)- The classic 1940s-era terminal in Long Beach, California, reminds people of the glamour of flying, but it's the newer concourse that really makes the airport shine. Lined with palm trees (that shade an outdoor wine bar), the airport makes you feel like you're still in Southern California, rather than limbo between work and life. An added bonus: JetBlue dominates LGB with a hub here.

Portland International Airport (PDX)- The love for Portland, Oregon's airport begins outside the airport itself. It is very well connected to the city, and not just by roads. Bike paths and a MAX light rail line make it one of the best connected airports in the U.S. Great local shops (yes, Nike counts as local) and free Wi-Fi make this one of the most traveler-friendly airports around.

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT)- PIT was one of the first airports in the country to adopt "street pricing" - a promise not to gouge captive customers - and not surprisingly, it can feel more like an indoor shopping mall than a bustling transportation hub. With more than 100 shops and eateries, travelers can do major damage at outposts of Armani Jeans, Brooks Brothers, Johnston and Murphy, and dozens of other brand-name retailers.