The holiday season is just a few days away and many have excitedly set their schedules for travel with family, friends and even maybe solo. An estimated number of more than 103 million Americans will be on a journey to celebrate the festive season from December 23 up to January 2.

American Automobile Association has been monitoring the data since 2001 and this year seems to be the hit-breaker. The reasons for the whopping increase of travellers going on a trip could be attributed to the main factor which is the economic progress of the country. The forecast shows an addition of 1.5 million travellers from last year's statistics.

In a press release, the AAA President and CEO Marshall Doney have stated that, "Rising incomes and continued low gas prices should make for a joyous holiday travel season." In the data, 93.6 million Americans will travel by car because of the low price of gas. Some would board a plane. Although not as high as the other rates, some would hit the buses, trains and cruises.

As expected, majority of the Americans will head to the cities of Los Angeles, Orlando, Denver, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Seattle and Miami. This information was culled by Orbitz and published on their Ultimate Holiday Guide (Holidata). The Grand Park and Santa Monica's Main Street await vacationers who would like to spend their New Year Countdown in Los Angeles. For children and young teens, The Glittering Lights at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and LINQ Las Vegas could be a great holiday destination.

Christmas and New Year both fall on a Sunday and so airports and roadways will surely be overflowing with passengers. Everyone is cautioned by AAA to gear up and prepare accordingly to avoid any mishaps this yuletide season. It is indeed the time to be in high spirits and in high tolerance.