Southwest is pretty popular with their unique announcements. However, one recent flight made the Captain congratulate the passengers for managing to drink every last drop of alcohol in the plane mid-flight. The flight only lasted no less than four hours and the plane went literally alcohol-free.

Mail Online reported that the pilot of Southwest for a recent domestic flight complimented the passengers by managing to chug down everything within a short amount of time. What possibly made this possible is the fact that the flight was filled with mostly American football fans, particularly the Raiders team.

However, sports journalist Jimmy Durkin tweeted something that caused a bit of confusion to some fans who have been following the team. He stated in his tweet that the flight to Kansas City congratulated the passengers by managing to wipe out the booze and finally remarks that it was a "Raiders flight."

According to Esquire's earlier report, they have been informed by WPIX that the jet was indeed populated by Raiders fans on their way to Kansas city. Despite the behavior, the group of passengers was still considered "not particularly rowdy" as Durkin have also reported on Raiders Beat.

Some fans have taken this as if the Raiders team themselves got themselves drunk before the game, which was cleared out when some fellow fans clarified that the tweet was actually referring to the fans that boarded the plane. However, the joke seemed ironic when the Raiders team actually lost the game from the Chiefs by a score of 21-13.

At the time of the flight, there were roughly 143 passengers on board and according to the report, this wasn't the first time that Southwest pilots made some remarks from the cockpit out of nowhere. Back in October 2016, the pilot proposed to his girlfriend, which was heard all over the entire plane via PA system among others.