The holidays is the time of the year when loved ones and friends go home to spend Christmas with the family. But since many are heading home, there would be some difficulties that one will encounter like the traffic and the long TSA lines. What if you are bringing some holiday gifts with you? Well, that would make things even more difficult.

For sure, you have prepared for these holiday gifts and you wouldn't want to arrive home with crumpled packages since it would no longer be presentable. So, if you decide to bring some gifts while traveling, here are some tips from Travel and Leisure that you need to take note of.

1. Check the TSA rules. It is not prohibited to bring wrapped gifts at the airport but if it triggers the alarm, it needs to be unwrapped for checking. The TSA Blog says that the agents does not enjoy unwrapping gifts that aren't for them but if an anomaly is detected inside, it needs to be opened before it could be clear for travel.

2. Know which items are banned. You do not want to leave your present at the airport just because it is not allowed on the airplane. Avoid buying wine or other types of liquor as well as fresh produce since these are banned. Meanwhile, large electronics and game consoles should be placed in their own separate bin. If you are planning to buy toy weapons, it should be put in the checked baggage.

3. Wrap your gift upon arrival. One good option is to have your gifts wrapped when you are already in your destination. There are many stores that offer wrapping services or you can buy wrapping supplies.

4. Deliver gifts earlier. You can also have your gifts delivered earlier. Online stores may charge a minimal fee for gift-wrapping which would be convenient for you.