May 23, 2024 6:15 PM


5 Pacific Islands That Were Lost Due To Sea Level Rise, Global Warming, And Climate Change

Find out what happened to the 5 islands in the Pacific which slowly disappeared into the sea due due to rising sea levels and climate change.


For $495 You Can Own One Island For Yourself Overnight

Live the Robinson Crusoe lifestyle. Or maybe a luxurious survivor. Whoever you choose to pretend, this island gives you the true luxurious isolated paradise life for $495 nightly.


The Disappearing Islands Of Panama

Global warming has brought distress to the Guna people due to increase in sea level which results to their relocation. The islands that were beautiful and inspiring due to the natural status, it is just the matter of time before they vanish.


Visit The Caribbean Islands And Get Paid Up To $300

Being able to visit the US Virgin Islands is probably the best thing ever, but what about getting paid while visiting the islands? It seems like the Christmas season is still not ever yet.


Why The Philippines Gets Most Visits By Millions Of Tourists Each Year? Find Out Here!

The Philippines has been hailed as one of the most favorite places tourists want to visit. Here are some reasons why the country is visited by many of them.


Best Places to Spend the Fourth of July

There are many exciting locations to see some amazing fireworks this weekend. Go to some of these cities to enjoy a fabulous weekend and celebrate this year's Independence Day in style.


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