Philippines has been visited by many tourists and foreigners all over the world. With its beautiful and majestic tourists spots and attractions, people tend to come back the Philippines. The country's hotels and resorts from different cities are always fully booked.

According to the statistics given by the Philippines' tourism, the International arrivals of the country grew up to 12.59 percent during the first few months of the year. More resorts, hotels and landmarks are now being built in the country to cater these visitors. According to Resource Travel and Telegraph, here are reasons why tourists visit the Philippines.

1. The Islands- The Philippines have so many islands. Going into each and every island may even take forever. It has about 7,107 island tourists can visit to. These islands have wonderful beaches, fantastic coral reefs and white sands.

2. Towns, Food and Festivals- Most of the Philippines' tourists spots are found on rural areas. These areas have people living simple everyday lives. Filipinos are known to be hospitable especially towards tourists. There are also Filipino delicacies you could try such as their famous "balut". Tourists are also entertained when there are festivals having parades and dancing.

3. Marine Life- The Philippines is one of the favorite countries of scuba divers with lots of magnificent corals and marine creatures they can see and discover. The country is also known to have whale sharks and thresher sharks.

4. Entertainment- Filipinos usually entertain themselves and kill time through karaoke. Even in rural areas, karaoke stands are available and used. No wonder there are many great Filipino singers these days.

5. Transportation- Tourists who loves to discover unusual things try the famous public transportation of the Philippines called the "jeepney" or "jeep". This is a non-air conditioned vehicle with colorful and creative designs. It may be noisy and sometimes dusty, but it is cheap and fun at the same time. It is also different from most modes of transportation in other countries. There are still many reasons wny tourists visit the Philippines. The country truly has a lot to boast about. Go and see for yourselves!