Getting stuck in an airport may be troublesome for some travelers. But, not if you are stuck in one of the best airports in the Asia. With these airports cool attractions and relaxing accommodations, a 10-hour layover is no longer an issue.

According to CNN, airports are now trying to rebrand their image as a place to visit and relax instead of just a place that travelers need to endure. Most airports offer practical and necessities that provide a stress-free environment for travelers. While some airports are investing on opulent extravagances to keep stranded travelers entertained.

"Airports are no longer considered only (neutral) infrastructure," as stated in the vision of Airports Council International convention. "They have rather become business entities, actual growth poles, engines and players for local and regional economies." Now, most airports turned their transit areas into a tourist attraction. Airports are now not only seen as a gateway to other countries but the destination itself. So for the ordinary traveler waiting for their next flight, they will be lucky enough to get stuck in the best airports in Asia.

Singapore Changi International Airport tops that list of being the best airport in Asia to get stuck in. Travelers arriving or passing through will have a hard time leaving the place.

With its efficient operations, beautiful infrastructure, lavish amenities and a wide range of food and shopping choices, it is not a surprise why numerous travelers prefer this as their layover destination. It even has two 24-hour movie house and entertainment deck to keep travelers entertain. Changi airport even boasts picturesque koi pond, butterfly garden, fish spa and sunflower deck. They even have a free foot massage machines all over the transit areas for weary travelers.

Incheon International Airport belongs to the best airports in the world. With its wide array of shopping and dining options, stranded travelers will have more than a fine time here.

Aside from its extremely fast free internet and Wi-Fi, free showers and comfortable seats all over the airport, it also showcases a Korean culture museum and performances. They also offer impeccable service to travelers and makes sure that their stay is as relaxing and entertaining as possible.

Tokyo Haneda International Airport is known to be one of the most efficient, cleanest, and most modern airports in Asia. They also boast of vast shopping options to travelers.

Long transit times at Haneda airport is not an issue with its sleep-friendly faculties. They also offer numerous charging spots all over the airport. Airport staff and security do not ming overnight guests sleeping. They even dim the lights down at night to help travelers sleep better.

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