Planning a trip to an exotic Asian destination is always a treat for jet-setters around the world. With its rich cultures, unique cuisines, and diverse lifestyles, Asia is full of beautiful countries and tourism centers that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. The problem with international trips, though, is the hefty price tag that comes attached.

But whoever said that sensible couldn't be stylish? In the year 2016, it's all about getting more for less. With everything from budget meals and lowered rates, it's easy to see why low-cost airlines have risen in terms of popularity.

Low-cost airlines make it possible for more people to embrace and discover the adventures of travel. What scares most people off, though, is the idea that lower prices generally mean lower quality. Fortunately, Asian-owned airlines have become pros at giving the best flight experience for a fraction of the expected price.

If you're planning a trip to Asia, but you're on a strict budget, you're going to want to check out these airlines first. Below, we'll give you the top five best low-cost airlines carriers.

5. Scoot

A subsidiary of one of the world's leading luxury airlines, Singapore Airlines, Scoot is a great option for travellers who are looking to fly around Asian cities, China and Australia. It offers passengers with rentable on-board iPads, elongated seats for a more comfortable flight, and rock bottom prices.

4. JetStar Asia

Named as the ninth best low-cost airline in the world, JetStar Asia serves thrifty passengers with a two-tier cabin system, on-board food and beverages, reclining chairs with entertainment systems, and even a frequent flier reward system.

According to Hopper, the airline is limited to routes in Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, China and Thailand. However, if these countries are on your bucket list, then you'll definitely want to consider flying with them.

3. IndiGo

This Delhi-based budget airline is best known for its first-class, hassle-free service and absolutely breath-taking prices. Furthermore, this airline only serves one class, thus leaving no room for in-flight comparisons in service. IndiGo's routes cover a wide range of Asian countries with its bases at both Visakhapatnam International and the Indira Gandhi Airport.

2. AirAsiaX

An extension of the number one contender, this intercontinental airline covers routes in Southeast Asia, Oceania and Middle Eastern countries. The second best budget airline offers stylish business class cabins, premium service, and the first-rate-airline feel. Fly with them and you definitely won't be able to tell the difference between a budget airline and a top-class airline.

1. Air Asia

The winner of the World Airline Award for World's Best Low-Cost Airline, Air Asia practically out-classes premier airlines across the globe. This pioneering low-budget airline won the top spot with its luxurious cabins, excellent crew, incredible discounts, deals and benefits.

With the additions of a new discounted baggage fee, business class option, in-flight cuisine, and its brand new all-you-can-fly promo, this budget airline might as well be one of the best airlines in the world.