WiFi on planes are now becoming more and more in demand. Here's a list of carriers where you can get connectivity while you're on board. 

1.       Virgin America

Virgin uses Gogo's ATG-4 Ground-Based WiFi service, as well as the ViaSat satellite-based in-flight internet service .You'll know that you have this service on your flight if you see a "Virgin America" WiFi network on your device.  

"The ViaSat service is the only in-flight technology that delivers a full internet connectivity experience - just like you have at home," says the carrier's website , adding that the speeds are usually up to 8 to 10 times faster that any other in-flight service.

2.       AirTran Airways

According to a press release by AirTran Airways, their Gogo in-flight internet will be available for a small fee, depending on the length of the flight. 

"AirTran is known for catering to the needs of its passengers with style. Both its choice and rapid deployment of Gogo Inflight Internet service are testaments to AirTran's long-standing commitment to offer the best inflight experience possible," said Jack Blumenstein, president and CEO of Aircell. 

3.       American Airlines

American Airlines has WiFi in almost all United States Flights, and has WiFi passes that can be purchased on the plane if you're on an international flight. Know if your American Airlines flight has wifi by checking here or seeing the rates here.

4.       Delta

By purchasing Delta's WiFi Pass/Gogo internet session, passengers can easily have in-flight internet access. There's also a Delta Monthly Plan WiFi pass, which is excellent for frequent flyers who always want to stay connected. For internet mobile, Delta is offering an in-flight WiFi Mobile Pass for as low as $2.

5.       Emirates

One of the eight airlines who offer free WiFi, Emirates provide the service in 60% of their flights which are all of their A380S and most of Boeing 777 aircrafts. This carrier gives passengers 10MB of free data, according to their website. Pay an additional of $1 if you want to use up to 500MB of data.