A known businessman with a chain of hotels globally, incoming United States President Donald Trump is no stranger to the travel industry. With a lot of new rules he plans to put into place, how till these new rules affect travel to and from America?

1. Cheaper to travel to the US

Despite the hesitation of many foreigners to visit during Donald Trump's presidency, the US may see a spike in visitors, due to airlines pushing for lower airfares considering many travelers' current mindsets. In addition, the US dollar's sudden dip could also be a factor in encouraging foreigners to take a trip.

2. Cheaper travel to other countries

According to The Independent, fuel and aircraft leases are economically priced in US dollars, so with the US dollar currently taking a nosedive versus other foreign currencies, these prices are also seen to go down. In addition, some countries such as Dubai, Thailand and Latin America, whose currencies are strongly tied to the performance of the US dollar, could also find their own currencies going down, goading on visitors to travel during the Trump presidency.

3. The future of Trump Hotels

Donald Trump's chain of high-end hotels and casinos has so far suffered during his campaign period, going down by 17-24 percent, according to The Telegraph. This was caused by many artists and celebrities calling for a global boycott of the Trump family's travel businesses. However, Trump has also invested in new hotels to be opened in Dubai, Bali and Baku, Azerbaijan. Although these places are located in Muslim countries, a spike may be expected due to curiosity among travelers.

4. Stricter airport security and immigration controls

Immigration and airport security are already two big downsides for tourists traveling to and around the United States. It is likely that US VISA's will be harder to acquire under the Trump presidency, particularly for Muslims. Donald Trump had, in December 2015, released statements calling for a "complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States".

5. Federal states may suffer due to the lack of tourism

Some states such as Florida, Nevada and California rely heavily on tourism and transportation as a means of keeping the state going. Due to Trump's policies on immigration and security, and the decline of the US Dollar, these US states could be the first to feel the effects of changes in the travel industry during the new Republican state.