Win or lose, it has been a big year for real estate mogul Donald Trump who has stepped out into politics head-first, gunning to become president of the USA. Besides his political ambitions, Trump has a well-established list of places and spots related to him, and here are the best places to go to get your fill on America's most talked about businessman.

1. Trump Tower, New York

The 58-story building on Fifth Avenue features a marble and gold-leafed atrium and a 60-foot waterfall at its center. Tourists can come in to shop, have some coffee and buy some "Make America Great Again" trucker caps.

According to The Telegraph, Trump Tower also hosts a selection of Trump clothes such as shirts, ties and cufflinks, and also has a section dedicated to daughter Ivanka Trump's jewelry line.

2. Trump Star, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Lost Angeles

With over 2,500 stars along Hollywood boulevard, Trump's star has been protected since he announced his decision to run, especially when a man named Jamie Otis disguised himself as a construction worker and used a sledgehammer and pickaxe to destroy Trump's star.

Stuff NZ says that Otis will be charged with felony vandalism, and Otis explains that he simply wanted to remove the star. Then, he explained that he would auction off the star, and use the money to help out the women who were victim to sexual assault or harassment from Trump.

3. Trump International Hotel, Las Vegas

The 64-storey hotel along Fashion Show Drive has 1,232 furnished suites and 50 penthouse suites decked in floor to ceiling windows. The hotel also features a large spa, fitness center and pool, and rooms are fitted with top of the line appliances by Wolf, Bosch and Sub-Zero. The bathrooms are also outfitted in Italian marble, twin sinks and spa tubs. The hotel also features two restaurants at 14,000 meters up, making it Las Vegas' tallest residential building.

Although one may be set to enjoy the weekend at this hotel, many have called attention on the supposed maltreatment of Trump's Las Vegas Hotel's treatment of employees. Composed mostly of Latino and Filipino immigrants, the Culinary Workers Union says that workers earn only $3 an hour, way less than other workers in Las Vegas.

4. Anti-Trump Mural, Mexico

Just outside the border, Trump haters can take selfies with this infamous painting, which was done by a group of US artists in spray paint after Trump released his anti-Mexican sentiments last June. Located on the fence between Mexico and US, the mural is in Tijuana and reads, "!RAPE TRUMP!", with a ball gag featured in the presidential candidate's mouth. Residents have said that many visitors have suddenly flocked to the area, including buses of Japanese and Chinese people. The mural also depicts a driving map from that spot to Trump Tower.

5. Trump's golf courses

Located in Scotland, Dubai and Ireland, fans can play in this golf course and may even be lucky enough to spot Mr. Trump. However, his golf course in Scotland, particularly in Aberdeen and Turnberry have also come under scrutiny when the British government found out that the two resorts had been avoiding paying UK corporation tax.