For many, snapping a brilliant shot is as important as the journey itself, especially now that there are so many camera options for travelers. From rugged, underwater cameras to dreamy, soft-focus lenses, to retro film types, behind every traveler is a trusty camera, who goes on the adventure along with them and helps them make memories for a lifetime. Here are the top five best travel cameras to take along on adventures.

1. Fujifilm XP 90 - for uncontainable adventurers (get it here)

For just $200, this camera can survive a drop of 5.8 feet and can even go diving with you at depths of up to 50 feet. Available in 4 stylish colors and a lightweight body, you can even tuck it into your bikini while taking the plunge.

2. Olympus Pen F - for style savvy saunters (get it here)

Take Instagram-worthy shots on the fly with this top of the line high camera with instant effect and filter controls contained in a slim 1960s camera body. With its retro metal dials, leather grain and separate viewfinder, it's a great conversation piece when snapping shots of new places and new people. According to Bloomberg, this camera also features a swivel touchscreen and ultrafast focus, as well as built-in Wi-Fi.

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3. Leica Sofort - for Instax memories (get it here)

Although instant camera are known to be more style than substance, the Leica Sofort is the best balance of both so far, with a retractable 60mm f/12.7 Leica lens, built-in flash and optical viewfinder. This trendy camera works with Fujifilm Instax cartridges or Leica's own instant film with cream-colored borders. At $299, the camera can be preset to "Party & People" or "Double Exposure" for those hard to light areas, and even features a reflector mirror in front to help up your selfie game.

4. Canon EOS M3 - for the versatile cameraman (get it here)

If you're the type who has a lot of great lenses to begin with, this mirrorless camera also works as an adapter for bigger lenses. According to National Geographic Travel, the adapter is so small, you can hold it as if you were holding a phone. Though this camera has no eye-level finder, the screen has a touch-screen interface chock full of features to make your lenses adapt seamlessly.

5. Nikon D500 - for true travel photographers (get it here)

One of the highest-performance cameras present today, this souped up DSLR not only has 153-point autofocus, dual memory card slots and 4K video shooting, it has also been adapted to resist drops, dust and water. Despite its bulky appearance and 2 pound carbon fiber body, this is the lightest you can get with this much power. At $1,800, you get bang for your buck, because you can even shoot a movie with this camera.

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