Many famous mountaineers and travelers have attempted to climb to the summit of Mount Everest, however, for regular Joe's, this dream is not far from reality, with the possibility of enjoying Everest's Base Camp Hike. Proper precautions and preparation must be undertaken, and here are the most important tips.

1. Train for it

Every day will consist mostly of trekking, so get your body used to 8-10 hours of movement everyday on an undulating up and down terrain. According to Travel Channel, hikers use the term "Khumbu miles" where a few seemingly simple miles of hiking can be very hard because of the high peaks and low valleys during the trek.

2. Introduce your gear

Get to know the gar you're using before you actually go for the trek. This way, you'll know how versatile your tools can be, and things will be smooth sailing once you're actually out on the ice.

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3. Be prepared for the sun and headaches

According to Ian Taylor Trekking, UV rays get more harmful the higher you go in altitude. Besides protecting against wrinkles and skin cancer, a sunburn can leave hikers dehydrated, made worse by the fact that dehydration increases at higher altitudes. Headaches are the most common side effect of dehydration and is also caused by the thickening of blood at altitude.

Sunscreen and hats are key, as is drinking at least five liters of water per day during the trek.

4. Bring something for the locals

Besides conquering the mountain, this is any avid traveler's chance to get up close and personal with the locals and their culture. Besides the tour guides and porters helping with bags and belongings, a lot of local children from the villages are friendly and like to say hello to visitors. Bringing some school materials would be useful, but try to stay away from junk food like chocolates and chips.

5. Enjoy the Trek

Although things may get difficult and stressful, open yourself to the way of the mountain, and how to survive in its snowy peaks. Go with a group that you can trust and enjoy with, and don't forget to take in the beautiful scenery. Try to go on a tour around Nepal after, and see what else this beautiful place can offer.

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