Thinking of going home for Thanksgiving? But all the flights available are too much for your wallet. According to Kayak, booking your flights as early as early November is your best bet.

But how do you really score the perfect deal? Acquiring cheap flights is like a battlefield nowadays. You have to strategize and plan your moves while drawing out your options at the same time. Here, we will give you tips and things to remember when booking your flight for Thanksgiving.

1) The important dates

Don’t book your departure date on the Wednesday before November 26, and for your return flight, don’t book it on the Sunday after November 30.

Flights during these days are usually the flights with the sky-high prices. So to avoid chunking out a huge portion of your money, go for other alternative dates. Book as early as possible instead.

2) Go for smaller airports
Especially for short and domestic routes, opt for a local airport. Here, the traffic and hassle is less and airline tickets are less expensive.

3) Look for Budget Airlines
If what you really want is to save your money, one tip from My Little Nomads is to try searching for budget airlines. They don’t usually appear in search engines, but they are there. Try visiting

Keep in mind though that since these tickets can sometimes be ridiculously cheap, the service may not be that of Legacy Carriers.

4) Best days to book your flight
Though it will only give you an ample amount of time for Thanksgiving, booking your flight on this day will scathe off a 10% discount from your ticket price. But no one wants to have a short-lived holiday. According to Time, book during these days: Monday, Tuesday and Sunday. Avoid booking your flight on Thursdays and Fridays.

5) If all else fails, Google!
Google has a lot of cheap flights for you. All you need is to put “sale (Your State) Flight Thanksgiving” on the keyword search engine. There, your potential Thanksgiving flight could be found.