Topping the list of the World's Best Airports for years now, Singapore's Changi Airport upholds extraordinary service for its guests and passengers . While waiting for a flight here, travelers are treated to a wide array of activities and services that could easily make a hours of layover feel like a vacation . Here are some of the things in store for passengers: 

1. There is a movie theatre located in Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and Transit Area where travellers can have film screenings free of charge. Moreover, there is an entertainment deck at Terminal 2 and Transit Area where guests can enjoy music in an MTV booth, or indulge in a sports game in the Xbox Kinect room.

2. Get cozy in the pool and Jacuzzi (yep, a jacuzzi!). Situated at Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel at Terminal 1 are swimming pool facilities and a jaczzi. available for an amount of $17 SGD.

3. Take a glimpse of orchids, cactus and plants. Head to Terminal 2 see more than 700 wonderful orchids and other beautiful plant species. The cactus garden awaits at Terminal 1 where travellers can view more than 100 species of cacti and other arid plants.

4. Go shopping! There are loads of stores that can satisfy the needs of different shoppers and tourists. There are local products, international brands and duty free items to choose from. 

5. Pause and relax at the rest areas and massage chairs. These facilities are located at the Snooze Lounge at Terminal 1, Sanctuary Lounge & at Oasis Lounge at Terminal 2, and at the Snooze Lounge at Terminal 3.The massage chairs are located across all terminals and they don't cost any cent.  

6. Use the internet connection. In all terminals, there are around 400 internet/computer docks available for all travellers to use. There are also connection facilities via the airport's wi-fi service Wifi@Changi, mobile phone surfing and WiFi Password Kiosks. The best part? these are all free of charge.