As the Christmas season is fast approaching, most people are getting ready for it. Christmas decorations are hung up, Christmas songs are played and Christmas dishes are prepared all over the world. Many people celebrate Christmas at home while other people love to celebrate Christmas in a different atmosphere.

For those who love to travel during the holidays, there are many destinations to choose from. If they want to experience winter or not, there are countries that would suit their tastes. However, Trek Effect and Sky Scanner listed some of the best countries to spend the Christmas season at.

1. Singapore- Singapore is one of the best countries in Asia to spend the Christmas holidays. During Christmas, Singapore decorates the whole city very beautifully with lots of lights and colors. There are also lots of events and activities especially in the Universal Studios.

2. Hong Kong- If you're talking about Christmas, Hong Kong should always be one of your main considerations. With lots of top-notch Christmas decorations and fireworks, everyone will surely be in awe in Hong Kong. This grand celebration is partnered with lots of best deals and great discounts on shopping malls and stores.

3. Tokyo- Tokyo surely lights up during Christmas. Feel the season of Christmas with the wonders Tokyo has prepared for everyone. Almost all stores are covered with Christmas lights to celebrate the season with sparkles. Parks such as the Disneyland will also be a great place to spend Christmas especially with your family because of the entertaining Christmas activities they have in store.

4. Philippines- With Christmas preparations as early as September, Christmas in the Philippines is said to be one of the merriest. Establishments such as malls usually decorate to bring about that cheerful atmosphere during the season. Christmas songs are played almost everywhere and festivals and events are just right on the corner. If you want to have fun, there are tons of places you can really go to.

5. Seoul- Seoul has tons of activities during Christmas. Activities such as parades, festivals and many more entertain the people during Christmas. Playing in the snow is also a fun way to spend the Christmas in Seoul. Remembering what Christmas is for is what makes Christmas special. It is a wonderful day for Christians to celebrate the hope that has been given to humans by our amazing God, Jesus Christ.