Osaka is known for its traditional architecture, bustling nightlife and various eateries. Aside from the Osaka Castle and the Universal Studios, this city is home to worthy tourist attractions that will never betray expectations.  

Walk around Dotonbori.

Be immersed in the bright neon lights and the bustling crowd-filled eateries that lined the streets of Dotonbori. It is designated as the entertainment section of Osaka in 162. Kabuki and Bunraku theaters can be found here. and--being one of Japan's best food destination--restaurants and eateries can also be found in every corner. 

The Tonbori River Walk is especially hypnotic at night when the night life comes alive from live music performances while tourists and locals are bustling about to eat and drink.

See the iconic Glico neon sign depicting a man running on a track race with the streets of Japan as his background. This famous Dotonbori sign is often altered to celebrate national events like the World Cup.

Go shopping at Shinsaibashi.

Just beside Dotonbori Bridge, Shinsaibashi shopping area is a roofed arcade is filled with international high-end boutiques like Zara and Forever21, and some local brands as well. The 600 m long street is also packed with restaurants and small shops.

Shinsaibashi is popular for young people to shop at as it offers a variety of items that could go along with their budget.

Visit the Osaka Aquarium.

A perfect trip for a family, Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN offers not only viewing but also interactive activities with the marine animals. The interactive exhibit allows visitors to see the animals like penguins, sting rays, and clown fish, up close and interact with them/

The large tanks enable you to see the huge whale shark and other fish that came from the Pacific Ocean' Ring of Fire swim about.

Buy the Osaka-Kaiyu Subway pass as it gives visitors free subway rides in the same day of your admission in KAIYUKAN.

Relax at the Nakanoshima Park.

Nakanoshima is a perfect place to stop by and rest. It is a public park filled with beautiful and colorful flowers that gives a fresh and natural feel at the center of the city.

Watch a show at the National Bunraku Theater.

Your trip to Osaka wouldn't be complete if you don't watch a Japanese theater. Bunraku is a traditional Japanese puppet theater where the puppet masters and chanters tell stories by chanting and singing and is liven up by music where they use flutes and other percussion instruments.

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