As one of the largest annual anime event closes in, the AnimeJapan 2017 will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo's Koto Ward during March 25 to 26 next year. The AnimeJapan Organization is planning to make the incoming event even better than this year's successful AnimeJapan 2016.

The Main Area shall be expanded to cover the East Halls 1-7 of the Tokyo Big Sight. This area will be the place where the booths of world famous anime studios and organizations will be setup, according to the Asahi ShimbunNew anime titles, interviews and live performances will be held at the reservation only-RGB Stage. The Open stage will also be doing presentations for those who can't go to the RGB stage for free, according to the Anime News Network

There will also be the Cosplayer's World section for fans from around the world and in Japan, where cosplayers can show off their amazing and beautiful costumes. The Official Goods section will display and sell cool anime merchandises which were manufactured by traditional skilled Japanese artists. New collaboration anime projects shall be showcased in the Anime-Collaboration Exhibition section.

The Main Area shall also hold the Creation Area. This area shall be split into two sections which are the Seminar Stage and the Business Seminar. The Seminar Stage is the place where the Creator Workshop shall be held, in which new and aspiring animators shall be helped by leading anime creator veterans with advice and helpful tips. The Business Seminar is for the people who work in the anime industry and for fans to know more about the business side of anime. The Production Works Gallery will be holding exhibits of materials used in anime production for the fans.

AnimeJapan Organization will also make sure that AnimeJapan 2017 shall be a remarkable event and a very special one for it will be their 100th anniversary. All details shall be covered by the official website of AnimeJapan at (