June 16, 2024 6:10 AM


Japanese Anime Girlfriend Now For Sale; Find Out Why Gatebox’s Holographic Girl Is A Perfect Match For Single Men

The portable hologram device that features an interactive 3D virtual character called Azumi Hikari doesn’t only keep its users’ company but also brings many real-world uses.


88 Animation Pilgrimage Spots to Boost Japan's Tourism

The 88 animation spots will be compiled by December which comprises of the manga and animation production houses, as well as the homes of manga artists and their dedicated museums, as detailed by the Yahoo News site.


Must-Visit Anime Theme Parks in Japan

For those travelers who happen to like animation, games, comics, and are planning to go on a trip to Japan, then these anime-related theme parks are something that might interest you. By visiting these theme parks, you will be able to experience a world where the line between reality and fantasy becomes a blur.


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