Crunchyroll, an American website and international online community that is known for providing East Asian media such as English-subtitled anime and Japanese drama via online streaming, announced that they will continue airing the second season of the anime adaptation of Sho Fumata's manga "Nanbaka", with no breaks and with the same schedule in January next year. They also confirmed that the second season will have 12 episodes.

According to the Anime News Network, the second season of the anime series will be aired weekly via digital services in Japan starting with the Docomo Anime Store on January 4, unlike the previous season that contain 13 episodes and run on Japanese television till December. The second season's first episode, or the 14th episode of the whole series, was said to be available next year for free on the anime's official website.

Crunchyroll has a description about the first season of the series, which stated "Four men are assigned to Nanba, the world's most formidable prison. Jyugo, a man who attempted to break out of prison and ended up extending his jail time; Uno, a man who likes to gamble with women; Rock, a man who likes to get into fights; and Nico, a man who likes anime. A super exciting action comedy about the daily lives of the prison's inmates and guards."

Information about the series' storyline was posted in the website of United States-based entertainment and anime company, Funimation: "Welcome to Nanba, the world's largest, most impenetrable prison. Locked away in cell block 13 are four inmates who provide more than enough trouble for Officer Hajime. Between attempted breakouts, gambling, and general misbehaving, these four believe that just because they're in prison doesn't mean they can't have fun! Follow the hijinks of Jyugo, Uno, Rock, and Nico as they pass time behind bars."

The Nanbaka anime was released in Japan back in October 4. Crunchyroll is one of the official sites that provide English subtitles for the anime, while Funimation provides the English dubbed version of the anime.