Honobu Yonezawa's mystery novel, "Hyouka" will finally have a live-action film adaptation. The staff recently announced the two main cast of the film.

Japanese actor Kento Yamazaki, age 22, who also played a role in the live-action adaptations of the anime "Your Lie In April" and "Orange", will be playing the lead male role, Hotaro Oreki, while 21 year old Japanese actress Alice Hirose, who played a role in the live-action adaptations of the anime "Silver Spoon" and "Maria Watches Over Us", will be playing the lead female role Eru Chitanda. The two actors will be performing together again for the third time in this upcoming film, according to the Anime News Network.

The film will be directed by Japanese director Mari Asato, age 40 years old. Asato had previously worked with Yamazaki in a film based on Yusuke Yamada's horror-themed novel series, "Real Onigokko 3" which was released in 2012 by Kadokawa Daiei Studio, according to Crunchyroll News.

A casting call was posted in the official website of Annaka City in Gunma Prefecture for Hyouka's live-action film. The cast call announcement looked for extras and listed filming for the extras on April 6 and April 14 to April 16.

Hyouka was published in the month of October during 2001 and it was Yonezawa's debut novel. The first volume of his Classic Literature Club-themed series has printed more than 2.05 million copies in Japan. Hyouka was also adapted into an anime series, with 22 episodes, by Kyoto Animation and was aired from the months of April to September in 2012.

The story of the novel is about a passive and apathetic boy named Hotaro, who was ordered by his older sister to join the classic literature club, which was about to be disbanded. He then met an ever-curious girl named Eru, who was also a member of the club. Hotaro's "energy-saving" days was suddenly changed, as he is dragged by the club in solving mysteries which are often caused by Eru's constant curiousness.