Airbnb always has an amazing deal in store for travelers needing a well-to-do residence that is not as expensive as luxury hotel chains can provide. Little did everyone know the term "properties" in Airbnb is not only limited to houses because it also applies to island properties. In Belize's Placencia is the private "Bird Island" and if travelers have about $495, they can stay overnight.

According to House Beautiful, from Belize, the owners of the island would scoop up the would-be tenants of their property and take them to the isolated paradise. The island is the foundation of a beautiful beach atoll with all the equipment necessary to perform snorkeling, kayaking and basic swimming. According to the Airbnb ad itself, Bird Island is a "self-catering Robinson Crusoe" island-type adventure.

Despite the seemingly attractive price tag, travelers will need to stay in the locale for three days, which would mean spending about $1,485 per person. The ad also describes an increase in rates to $4974 per person if there are more than two travelers, which makes this a supposed intimate vacation spot. The price tag has since gone down to $395 but Bird Island is booked until June of 2018, according to Business Insider.

House beautiful featured some photographs found in the Airbnb advertisement that showed the Bird Island main home's room interiors as fully furnished with mostly white bedsheets and the appeal of a cozy island home. The patio is situated at the edge of the island making for some fine scenery during dinner toasts.

The photos also show Bird Island is stocked with amenities including food, which the owners could possibly charge against guests upon check out. But this is well and good -- the nearest store may be 30 minutes away but if travelers are quite tired to kayak having food inside the house and with equipment to cook them makes it all the more convenient and luxurious in its own relative way.