While there are popular surf spots in Hong Kong like Big Wave Bay and others, HK surfers are now exploring nearby places for their sport. Here are some places near Hong Kong where they have tried the surf and recommends it to others:

The sport is becoming a fad in South Korea, Hong Kong surfer Rex Lau says, especially for the young, lifestyle-oriented people. Although there is not a lot of surf, so long boarding is a better option. Recommended spots are Busan, Yang Yang near Seoul and Jeju Island, as reported in SCMP.

Owner Randy Chang is one of the best surfers in Taiwan and knows all the secret spots in Taitung, Taiwan. Taitung has big and clean A frames and long barrels all year round. Chang also recommends surfingtaiwan .com has a helpful surf guide business. Popular also with surfers is Kenting in the south.

Although a bit hit and miss, Xichong beach across the border in Shenzhen is also popular with Hong Kong surfers. However, they warn not to go on a weekends for it gets crowded.

Siargao, an island in the Philippines about 800km southeast of Manila is a top surfing choice. While traversing to the place can be quite a chore, "it's all going to be totally worth it once you're there," says Joe Chan. A popular surfing wave on Siargao, with a reputation for thick, hollow tubes, is Cloud 9. Best months to surf is October and November, Chan says.

Hainan Island was given the title of "Hawaii of China" because of its sandy beaches and a warm climate. Riyue Bay has been made the site for many surfing events because of multiple swells from northeastern and southern currents. Hong Kong-based surfer Kenny Howe recommends to avoid peak seasons as it's becoming very popular. Learn more about how surfing all started in Hong Kong and Guangdong here.