A woman from Texas says she was taken off a United Airlines flight because she used the wrong pronouns for a flight attendant. Jenna Longoria was traveling from San Francisco to Austin with her mother and her young son. She shared her story through videos on social media.

Texas Woman Claims United Airlines Flight Removed Her for ‘Wrong Pronouns’

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United Airlines Pronoun Mix-Up Sparks Outrage

Longoria explains that while carrying her son and managing their luggage, she mistakenly referred to a flight attendant using the wrong pronoun. She apologized and corrected herself, but the situation escalated, as reported by People.

According to her, the flight's captain decided she and her family could not board the plane. This decision left them unable to travel as planned.

The videos of Longoria explaining her side of the story gained attention online. She expressed frustration over the incident, particularly because it made traveling more difficult for her family. 

She was also worried because their luggage, including necessary medications, was already on the plane.

This incident has sparked discussions about the importance of understanding and using correct pronouns. 

United Airlines has policies to support inclusivity, including allowing employees to wear name tags with their preferred pronouns. However, this situation shows that misunderstandings can still lead to significant consequences.

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Carry-On Dispute Stops Boarding

Jenna Longoria was stopped from boarding a United Airlines flight, but the reason given by the airline was about something other than a misunderstanding involving pronouns, as initially thought. 

United Airlines clarified that the main issue leading to her removal was Longoria's too many carry-on items.

The incident unfolded when Longoria, traveling with her mother and young son, prepared to board the flight from San Francisco to Houston. During the boarding process, Longoria was distracted by her son's meltdown and the management of their luggage. 

Despite an earlier interaction where she mistakenly used the wrong pronoun for a flight attendant-an error for which she apologized immediately-the real complication arose over her luggage.

According to Daily Mail, a male flight attendant informed her that she could not board because of the excess carry-on items she had with her. 

This part of the confrontation was captured on video, where Gabriella Chidom, a United operations manager experienced in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs, is seen explaining to Longoria that she couldn't board due to "what came out of her mouth" which might have referred to the discussion about the luggage.

United Airlines' statement emphasized that the decision to prevent Longoria from boarding was strictly related to the airline's carry-on policy. This explanation led to confusion and frustration for Longoria, who felt the reasons behind her removal were misrepresented.

After Longoria shared her experience on social media, the airline arranged for her and her family to take a later flight. Throughout the incident, Longoria highlighted that her primary concerns were caring for her son and helping her mother. 

Despite initial beliefs that the pronoun mistake was the cause, the issue with the carry-on luggage ultimately led to the boarding denial.

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