Miami International Airport has started a new program called "I AM MIA." This effort is all about making the airport a better place for everyone who uses it. The airport, known for handling a huge number of travelers, is working to make visiting or working there a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Daniella Levine Cava, the Mayor of Miami-Dade County, shared how the airport is not only improving its buildings and services but also focusing a lot on the people working there.

Miami International Airport Sets New Standards in Passenger Care with 'I AM MIA' Campaign

(Photo : Sharon Hahn Darlin on Wikimedia Commons)

Miami International Airport Launches New Campaign for Better Travel

The "I AM MIA" campaign is a big step for Miami International Airport. According to Future Travel Experience, it aims to make things better for over 37,000 employees and the millions of passengers who come through the airport every year. Part of this plan includes hiring more Lightning Crew members. 

These workers will quickly take care of any last-minute fixes around the airport to avoid any inconvenience to visitors and staff. If you see someone in an "I AM MIA" vest, they are there to help with whatever you need during your time at the airport.

The Miami International Airport's new move is part of a larger plan called the Modernization in Action (M.I.A.) Plan. This plan includes many projects to make the airport better, like adding new parking spaces, updating terminals, fixing restrooms, and more. 

With over 52.3 million people coming through the airport last year, these improvements are very timely. The main goal is to make sure everyone who visits or works at Miami International Airport has a great experience.

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Expects Record Passengers This March

Miami International Airport is set to have a record-breaking month. Already, from the start of the year to March 16, about 12.3 million people have come through the airport. This is 1 million more than last year at the same time, showing a 9.6% jump. 

As shared by CBS News, the numbers went even higher in March, with a 9% increase from last year, thanks to spring break for colleges in Florida and the East Coast.

Miami International Airport is looking at even busier days ahead. Local schools' spring break starts on March 22, and many are flying out for the Easter weekend. The airport predicts over 170,000 passengers each day for the rest of March.

For those flying soon, Miami International Airport advises arriving three hours early. This gives enough time for parking, check-in, and security. They also suggest checking in for your flight before getting to the airport.

To help with travel, the airport shares tips like packing important items in carry-on bags and wearing shoes easy to take off for security checks. They also have updates on TSA wait times online and offer half-price parking at a remote lot.

If picking someone up, there's free parking at the cell phone lot. For those needing extra help, like wheelchair assistance, it's best to let your airline know ahead of time.

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