We all know that Dubai has the most luxurious airport in the world, but get ready for something even more epic. Dubai's new Al Maktoum International Airport is set to blow your mind.

Dubai is pulling out all the stops with cutting-edge tech and slick design. This futuristic hub is being crafted by the geniuses at Leslie Jones Architecture, known for their work on major airports worldwide. 

You will find everything you need, from shopping complexes and hotels to exclusive spots for private and royal jets.

With a jaw-dropping budget of Dh128 billion ($34.8 billion), Al Maktoum International is not just the most expensive airport; it is a game-changer. Set to handle up to 260 million passengers a year, this mega-project will create jobs and homes for a million people, turning it into a bustling city of its own.

So, what can we expect from this "most expensive airport" in the world? 

What to Expect at Dubai's Most Expensive Airport in the World

(Photo : The National News on YouTube)

Arrival and Check-In

Stepping into Dubai's Al Maktoum International Airport is like entering the future. The check-in process is smooth and quick thanks to advanced technology. Self-service kiosks and biometric scanners are everywhere, making it easy to get through security. 

You will feel the efficiency and modern vibe as soon as you arrive. There are helpful staff members around if you need any assistance.

Stunning Architecture

The design of this airport will blow you away. It is created by Leslie Jones Architecture, known for their amazing work. The airport features a futuristic white canopy with green oases and palm trees. It is not just functional but also super stylish that you will want to take photos of every corner.

What to Expect at Dubai's Most Expensive Airport in the World

(Photo : The National News on YouTube)

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Shopping Spree

Get ready to shop until you drop. The airport has numerous shopping complexes packed with everything you could want. From luxury brands to unique local finds, there is something for everyone. 

The stores are easy to navigate and well-organized. You will find the perfect souvenir or treat for yourself.

Cutting-Edge Technology

This airport is packed with the latest technology. Everything is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. You will see smart systems that manage everything from lighting to climate control. The tech makes the experience seamless and stress-free. It is all about making your travel easy and enjoyable.

Huge Capacity

Al Maktoum International Airport is built to handle a massive number of passengers. It is expected to accommodate up to 260 million people per year. There are 400 aircraft gates and five parallel runways. 

The scale of this place is incredible. You will be part of something truly epic when you travel through here.

Job Creation and Community

The airport is going to create a lot of jobs. Up to one million people will find employment here. There will also be housing and facilities for workers, which will create a thriving community around the airport. It is a project that benefits many people.

Future Expansion

The first phase of the airport will be completed within ten years. This will include handling 150 million passengers annually and there are plans for further expansion after that! The project is always evolving to meet future needs, which is exciting to think about what comes next.

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