Dubai's ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has announced plans to relocate Dubai International Airport to a new, larger site in the southern desert of the city-state. 

The project, which will cost about $35 billion, aims to expand the airport's capacity to handle up to 260 million passengers annually. The move is scheduled to occur over the next decade.

Dubai International Airport Set for Massive Relocation and Expansion
Dubai International Airport Terminal 3
(Photo : Kgbo on Wikimedia Commons)

Dubai International Airport to Move to a New $35 Billion Facility

Currently, Dubai International Airport is the busiest hub for international flights globally. The planned facility, Al Maktoum International Airport, will be able to accommodate 400 aircraft gates and will feature five parallel runways. 

This new airport will be five times larger than the existing one and will employ cutting-edge aviation technologies for the first time in the industry.

Sheikh Mohammed shared images of the new terminal's design, which showcases a curving, white structure next to a waterside. The design and construction are part of a broader strategy by the Dubai Aviation Corporation to enhance the city's status as a leading global aviation hub.

Al Maktoum International Airport's development is about more than expanding flight capacity. 

As per Peoples Gazette, it is also set to transform the surrounding area into a new urban center, Dubai South. This area will eventually provide housing for up to a million people and attract major logistics and air transport companies.

In his announcement, Sheikh Mohammed emphasized that this project is an investment in the future, aiming to provide stable development for coming generations. The new airport is set to reaffirm Dubai's position as a major international travel and business hub.

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Flights Resume at Dubai Airport After Storm Disruption

Dubai International Airport is back to its regular flight schedule following severe disruptions caused by torrential rain earlier this week. The United Arab Emirates and neighboring countries experienced heavy rainfall that resulted in flash floods, affecting operations at the airport. 

According to BBC, Dubai's major airlines, Emirates and flydubai, confirmed on Saturday that flights have resumed, but they are still dealing with a backlog of passengers and luggage.

The storm hit Tuesday, flooding the airport's taxiways and preventing planes from reaching the runways. This left many travelers stranded at Dubai International Airport, unable to proceed with their journeys. 

Emirates President Sir Tim Clark stated that while flights have restarted, the recovery from the chaos is not perfect. He admitted to issues with passenger information and organization within the terminal.

The airlines have now rebooked those stuck in transit, prioritizing those whose flights were canceled. A special task force is working to sort and deliver approximately 30,000 pieces of luggage left behind during the disruption. 

Both airlines have resumed full operations, but clearing the remaining backlog of passengers needing rebooking will take some days.

Dubai International Airport, a key global hub, expects nearly 90 million travelers this year. The airport and its associated airlines are urging passengers to remain patient as they work to normalize travel after the unexpected storm-related closures.

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