Dubai International Airport, one of the world's busiest airports, faced major disruptions this Thursday due to severe rainstorms that flooded runways and delayed flights. The heavy rainfall, the worst in 75 years, affected the United Arab Emirates and neighboring regions, dropping about 10 inches of rain in less than a day.

Dubai Airport Dilemma: Flash Floods Cause Travel Turmoil
Flash floods disrupted Dubai airport and even roads
(Photo : Screenshot image taken from WRAL on YouTube)

Heavy Rains Flood Dubai Airport, Disrupting Flights

At Dubai airport, the flooding caused check-in delays and crowded terminals, especially Terminal 3, which saw a large influx of passengers trying to rebook or confirm their flights. 

The airport advised travelers to check with their airlines before heading to the airport. Many people, including Mohit Mehta from India, were stuck at the airport for over 30 hours due to the chaos.

The weather also led to road closures around Dubai, with some motorists having to leave their cars. According to CNN, emergency services worked to manage the floodwaters on highways and at the airport. Meanwhile, residents struggled with blocked streets and power outages.

FlightAware reported that 549 flights at the airport were delayed and 31 canceled on Thursday. This included a significant number of flights from Emirates and FlyDubai, the main airlines at the airport.

In response to the crisis, UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan ordered a review of the infrastructure to better support affected families and ensure safety. Local authorities are focusing on cleanup efforts to restore normalcy as quickly as possible.

The government announced that schools and federal offices would remain closed until Friday to deal with the aftermath of the storm. As the cleanup continues, the airport is working hard to get back on schedule and help stranded passengers.

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Dubai Airport Reopens After Severe Storms

Dubai International Airport has partially reopened after devastating storms hit the United Arab Emirates, causing extensive flooding and disruption. The airport, a major global hub, was one of the hardest-hit areas with roads and runways submerged.

On Thursday, some flights began arriving at Terminal 1, mainly used by foreign carriers, while Emirates and flydubai started check-ins at Terminal 3. Despite these openings, outbound flights still face significant delays due to ongoing issues caused by the storms.

Authorities have reported chaotic scenes at the airport, with passengers describing overcrowded conditions and struggles to board flights. BBC reported that some travelers, like Jonathan Finchett from the UK, missed their flights due to the disorganization, despite being at the airport hours in advance.

The heavy rainfall, the worst in 75 years, also impacted roads around Dubai. The main road to Abu Dhabi was closed, adding to the transport chaos.

Dubai airport officials are working hard to manage the backlog of flights and assist stranded passengers. They have urged travelers to come to the airport only if they have confirmed bookings.

As clean-up efforts continue, the airport is slowly returning to normal operations, but recovery is expected to take some time. The next available flights on Emirates to London are not until the following week, highlighting the extent of the disruptions.

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