United Airlines is making travel easier by sending weather updates right to your phone. This new feature is designed to help travelers stay informed about the weather that might delay their flights. 

Jason Birnbaum, who helps lead United Airlines, said they added this because they want to make flying a better experience for everyone, especially since more people are traveling this summer.

United Airlines Rolls Out Real-Time Weather Texts for Passengers

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United Airlines Enhances Travel Updates

When the weather might cause delays, United Airlines will text you maps that show what's happening. This is part of their plan to be clear and keep you up-to-date. 

Alongside these weather texts, you will still get regular updates from them about things like changes to your gate or when it's time to board.

These helpful maps can also be found in the United Airlines app under "flight status," and they will show them at the gate if your flight is delayed because of the weather. 

According to Travel and Leisure, this update comes at a good time because experts say this year's Atlantic hurricane season could be busier than usual. It also follows the disruptions caused by Hurricane Beryl, which changed cruise routes and shut down airports.

United Airlines has updated its app with other useful features too. You can now easily rebook your flight if it's delayed for a long time or canceled. The app also helps you ask for things like meal vouchers or help finding a hotel or ride if you're stuck. 

Plus, it has a new tool to help you find your way to your gate fast. With these new tools, United Airlines wants to make sure you have all the latest information and help you need when you fly with them.

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Cold Coffee Now on Board

Starting July 1, right when summer gets hot, United Airlines is serving cold brew coffee from illy on its flights. This new drink is available to passengers flying more than 300 miles.

United Airlines teamed up with illy, a famous coffee brand from Italy, to offer this drink. Illy makes its cold brew by soaking a special mix of 100% Arabica beans for 12 hours. This makes the coffee smooth and refreshing. 

Aaron McMillan, who manages hospitality programs at United Airlines, said that this coffee is great for keeping travelers awake and refreshed.

Scripps News shared that if you're flying in one of United's nicer seats, you'll get this cold coffee for free. However, if you're sitting in Economy, you can buy it during your flight.

Jack Edwards, who leads illy in North America, is excited about this partnership. He thinks it's a great way to offer a nice coffee choice to more people when they fly.

With a busy travel time coming for the Fourth of July holiday, United Airlines expects over 5 million people to fly with them. This new coffee option makes United the only big airline in the U.S. right now to offer cold brew coffee on most of its flights.

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