Southwest Airlines has agreed to pay a $35 million fine in a $140 million settlement over its December 2022 disruption. The debacle, which stranded over 2 million travelers, is being addressed by compensating affected passengers and preventing future incidents. This settlement is the largest imposed by the U.S. Department of Transportation for consumer law violations.

Southwest Airlines Pays $140 Million for Causing Holiday Travel Nightmares in 2022
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Southwest Airlines Agrees to $140 Million Settlement

Southwest Airlines will pay a $35 million fine as part of a $140 million agreement. This settlement resolves a federal investigation into the airline's massive disruption in December 2022, which led to thousands of flight cancellations and left over 2 million travelers stranded during the holiday season.

According to AP News, the fine is part of a broader effort by Southwest Airlines to address the fallout from last winter's issues. The airline faced criticism and legal scrutiny after nearly 17,000 flights were canceled due to a winter storm that hit Denver and Chicago hard. The situation worsened when Southwest's crew rescheduling system failed to manage the chaos effectively.

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The $140 million settlement, announced by the U.S. Department of Transportation, aims to compensate future passengers and serves as an incentive for Southwest Airlines to prevent similar incidents. It represents the largest amount the government has ever imposed on an airline for breaking consumer protection laws.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg emphasized the importance of this settlement. He stated that it should warn all airlines to take necessary steps to avoid such disruptions in the future. Southwest Airlines expressed gratitude for reaching a settlement that recognizes the compensation it has already provided to customers. The airline acknowledged the lessons learned from the incident and is now focusing on future operations.

As part of the agreement, Southwest Airlines will receive a $33 million credit for the compensation already given to affected customers. This includes frequent flyer points distributed as part of the reimbursement. Additionally, the airline has committed to issuing $90 million in travel vouchers over the next three years. If the airline fails to distribute the promised amount, it faces a penalty.

The settlement also covers improvements that Southwest Airlines has pledged to make. These include enhancing de-icing equipment and increasing staff during extreme cold weather at key airports. This agreement follows earlier efforts by the airline, which included more than $600 million in refunds and reimbursements to affected passengers. The Transportation Department's decision came after a thorough review, including thousands of consumer complaints and meetings with Southwest officials.

Southwest Airlines' December Meltdown Causes Chaos and Costs

Southwest Airlines faced a major problem on Dec. 28, 2022, when many flights were canceled. This event caused trouble for many passengers across the country. The airline canceled 59% of its flights, much more than any other airline. This led to big issues for people trying to travel during the holidays.

The Los Angeles Times shared that many travelers shared their stories of the troubles they faced because of flight cancellations. Some had to drive long distances to reach their destinations. Madeline Luzzo, a nurse, spent about $1,000 to drive from Dallas to Los Angeles with her family. They took turns driving for 22 hours. She said it was a terrible experience, and she would not want to do it again.

Other passengers like Deborah Rombaut and Katie Demko also faced big problems. Rombaut spent $1,200 to get home after her flights were canceled. She shared her frustrations about not knowing when Southwest Airlines would pay her back. Demko missed her wedding in Belize, which cost her wedding party over $70,000.

The troubles did not end with just the extra costs. After her canceled flight, Theresa Matthews drove 33 hours from Nashville to Los Angeles. She and others who drove long distances had to find their luggage at the Los Angeles airport.

Southwest Airlines has tried to make things better by giving each affected passenger 25,000 loyalty points, worth about $300. They also give refunds and pay back other costs. However, many passengers are still upset and are sharing their stories.

Buttigieg called the high rate of cancellations by Southwest Airlines "unacceptable." The airline's chief, Bob Jordan, apologized for the trouble caused to passengers and employees.

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