When it comes to exploring Mayan culture, the best places recommended for tourists are Oaxaca and Tulum. According to US News Travel, the two locations compete in the top 10 destinations in Mexico. Although both may share the one cultural heritage, this is where the similarities end.

Between two of the top 10 destinations in Mexico, there are certain reasons why Oaxaca landed number 1. These are the things that motivate tourists to be here:

Idyllic Mexican Highland

When people think of mountains, it is easy to imagine horrific trails leading up to the summit. Curiously, people who would visit Oaxaca would correct that imagination. Although this scenic indigenous city lies at 5,000 feet above sea level, most of the terrain (especially around the Mayan ruins) is flat and verdant.

Wholesome & Colorful

Another reason travelers would love to visit Oaxaca is because it is one of the few tourist spots in Mexico where men and women never walk 'almost half-naked' in public. Oaxaca is too cold to walk around in flimsy bathing suits. That doesn't mean this city has a boring taste. In fact, local inhabitants have colorful wardrobes, artworks, and personalities.

Oaxaca: Culinary Perfection!

Speaking of taste, this city has a growing reputation for cooking Mexico's finest fares. It did not earn the moniker 'Mexico's food capital' by accident.

Although it only won second place, this coastal paradise is still well-received by many tourists. Here are the reasons why travelers would visit Tulum:

Eco Tourist Threshold

Apart from exploring Mayan culture, the coastal town is a doorway to an ecological paradise that green trekkers would covet. Just south of Tulum lies the San Ka'an Biosphere Reserve - a UNESCO World Heritage Site that happens to be the largest protected zone in the Caribbean.  

The Non-overrated Beach Life

Unlike Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Tulum is not (yet) polluted by the frequency of mass tourist visitation. The jungles around Tulum often discourage visitors who are used to the comforts of urban infrastructure.   

Budget-friendly Accommodations

Lastly, people love to visit Tulum because the town's 'hotel zone' always offers accommodations for all broad budget categories. These shelters are anything from small hammock posts to nifty internet-linked bungalows.