There are a number of reasons that motivate tourists to travel in Vatican City. The Holy See is a place for inspiration and salvation. But like every sacred place on earth, the best vacation is a combination of good local cuisine, a peaceful private reflection and memorable highlights worth treasuring.

Eat 'Out' Heartily

It is probably not good to travel inside the Holy See with an empty stomach. Fortunately, there are an almost exhaustible number of cafes and past bistros to choose from 'just right outside' the Vatican City. The nearest ones from the Vatican Museum include the Angrypig (11:00 AM to 9:00 PM), Fa-bio (8:30 AM to 5:30 PM) and Ristorante dei Musei (9:00 AM to 6:00 PM).   


One of the foremost reasons that motivated people to travel in Vatican City is the experience of a prestigious Sabbatical. To some extent, a spiritual journey in Vatican is similar to the Muslim hajj in Mecca in terms of significance. Looking for a prayer site in Vatican City is like looking for a tree in a vast forest.

If learning is an act of faith, one can visit the Vatican Museum and witness how faith inspired some of the best works of art in human history. Since everywhere inside the Holy See seems like a consecrated area, visitors must always take note of the strict rules of 'modest fashion.'   

Love To See The Pope?

Speaking of a spiritual journey in Vatican, none of it would ever be as good as the experience of seeing the man occupying the highest hierarchy of the Roman Catholic ministry. Pope Francis I regularly hosts a Papal Audience every Wednesday at the St. Peter's Squares during the midday.

It is important for visitors to be able to arrive at the place by 8:00 AM for a closer viewing seat. Booking a ticket online many days before is the best way to prepare for this exciting pilgrimage. However, anyone can always buy tickets for a non-reserved attendance at the Bronze Doors of the Swiss Guards the day before the visit.

For Catholics, seeing the pope within their lifetime is a profound religious experience. For non-Catholics (and even atheist), seeing Pope Francis I is akin to seeing a very powerful celebrity. Either way, it is a journey worth sharing to friends and loved ones.