Anyone visiting a foreign country can learn a thing or two with basic facts and recent events. But what really sparks the enthusiasm of tourists are the trivia. Hence, here are the fun facts about the Netherlands that make this European country one of the most intriguing places in Europe.

Sinking landmass

Among the things that deem Netherlands as one of the most intriguing places in Europe is the fact that it is a country where more than a quarter of its land mass is already below sea level. The land of the Dutch people provides an ominous reminder of the real threat of climate change. On the bright side, however, it is the one place in Europe that outnumbers Venice (Italy) in terms of the number of recreational boats (gondolas).  

Europe's most populated

According to the latest information about Netherlands, this country has experienced recent population growth that put a strong demand in the welfare sector. In other words, a significant portion of the Dutch demographics belongs to people aged 65 and beyond. The Netherlands is currently the most populated country in Europe, with 90% of its 17 million inhabitants living in urban areas.

King of trades

Despite the recent waves of economic crises in the European Union, the Netherlands was still able to keep their economy afloat. One can simply point to the Dutch people's natural proficiency for business and international trade. After all, the people who established the Dutch East Indies in the 16th Century are the same exact people that established Shell, Unilever, Philips, and Heineken in the 21st Century. 

Land of innovators

One of the famed fun facts about the Netherlands is that it has always established itself as the home of the world's best artists. Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Vermeer are the Dutch people's answer to Italian Renaissance masters like Da Vinci, Raphael, and Michael Angelo. Today, that talent for innovation unlocked cool inventions like the submarine, Bluetooth, and the wireless internet.

Bikes > People

Curiously, if there is one thing that beats the population density of the Netherlands, it is the sheer number of bicycles in the country. According to some of the latest information about the Netherlands, there are roughly 18 million bicycles in the country.