When it comes to choosing one of the best locations in Southeast Asia, a lot of outsiders are beginning to appreciate the growing appeal of Vietnam. But anyone who has yet to be traveling in Vietnam might often mistake Hanoi with Ho Chi Minh (and vis-à-vis). To some extent, these two cities are often interchangeable when an unfamiliar person tries to guess which one is the capital.

There are some clear reasons why tourists visit Ho Chi Minh. These are the following incentives:

The Bigger City

One of the reasons why people would visit Ho Chi Minh is that it is poising itself as a fledgling concrete jungle. The largest city in Vietnam has great potential just like other colossal Southeast Asian cities like Davao (Philippines), Johor (Malaysia), and Bandung (Indonesia).


Ho Chi Minh is a chaotic city. Despite the relative danger traffic poses on pedestrians, the adventurous of spirit cannot help but be drawn to its exuberant atmosphere. Case in point: Vietnam's very own Chinatown.

Nightlife Wonders

One of the best reasons to be in Ho Chi Minh City is for their nightlife. It is pretty much emulating other sleepless mega-cities like New York (USA) and Tokyo (Japan). The best time to be around in Ho Chi Minh is during night time; with shopping and dining out is a priority.

On the other hand, there are others who would choose Hanoi when traveling in Vietnam. These are the following reasons:

The Older City

Hanoi is one of the several places in the country that still bears a strong resemblance to its multi-cultural past. Their well-preserved Old Quarter, replete with French colonial architecture, is one of the best locations in Southeast Asia for historical buffs.


The people who visit Hanoi often sense an overwhelming sense of class not often found in other cities. Being the seat of the country's cultural identity has its own advantages.

Daytime Pleasures

As Vietnam's beacon of refinement, anyone who visit Hanoi often winds up exploring museums and art galleries, if not dining and sipping light beverages at any of the city's fine cafes. Daytime exploration in Hanoi never goes out of fashion.  

Finally, for the $35 question: Which one is Vietnam's capital? It's Hanoi