Davao City is one of the most popular locations in the Philippines, and its underrated reputation in the past has just very much improved during the election of President Rodrigo Duterte who was once the city mayor for over 22 years. For a city that is three times as big as Manila, spending the first 16 hours in Davao City could be tricky.

However, here is one of the easiest routes anyone can follow when traveling in Davao City. Take note: Davao City has the worst traffic jams in the country starting around 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.    

Book a room at Drifters Apartel

Upon arriving at Francisco Bangoy International Airport, the first order of business is to find the nearest lodge to unload the luggage and catch a couple hours of sleep. One of the best accommodations around the area is the Drifters Apartel and British Bar. This place only charges as low as $19.93 per night and the premises feels more like a luxury Caribbean inn than a posh hotel.  

Shop at SM Lanang Premier

SM Lanang Premier opens at around 9:30 AM. One of the best reasons to visit this prestigious mall is the experience of a super sized buffet at a bistro called Vikings. For as much as $14.81, one can feast over an international assortment of dishes. It is best to arrive here with an empty stomach.

Visit Roxas Night Market

As mentioned earlier, it is best to hit the highway before 4:00 PM to avoid the notorious traffic jam while traveling in Davao City. The farthest one can go via local 'jeepney' ride is the Roxas Avenue. Each night beginning at 6:00 PM, this boulevard is closed off and occupied by local sellers brewing a very festive atmosphere.

On foot to the People's Park

Another good way to explore the urban sprawl is to walk from Roxas Avenue to the famous People's Park. This tourist destination in Davao is home to many local athletes and joggers.  

Nightlife at Obrero District

One of the best neighborhoods for a night out is in Obrero District, easily accessible along the highway. It is important not to end the first 16 hours in Davao City getting in trouble with local authorities. Therefore, smoking in public is a big no-no.