Ocean lovers will surely love the new star of a luxury resort in Maldives which lets its guests stay in an underwater room.

The villa will amaze its guests with the breathtaking biodiversity of the Indian Ocean, as they see tons of fishes when they look around the glass walls of their submerged room. It is set to open in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort in November. It costs $15 million to develop, the submerged haven is located 16.4 feet below the ocean's surface, and is surrounded by an amazing view.

According to its website, the building is called "Muraka," which means "coral" in Dhivehi, the language in Maldives. The spectacular villa has two floors that is connected by an elevator and a spiral staircase. It can also accommodate up to nine people.

What To Expect

The upper level is located above the water and spans a sprawling 5,921 square feet. It features a king-size bed, a bathroom with a bathtub facing the vibrant ocean, a twin-size bedroom, a third bathroom, quarter for the butlers, a kitchen, bar, and even a powder room.

There are also two decks on the Muraka. One has an infinity swimming pool to give its guests the best view of the sunrise and sunset. Underwater lies the beautiful 193-square foot suite, which has a living room, a king- size bedroom, and a bathroom.

Design And Function

The underwater paradise is designed by acclaimed Japanese architect Yuji Yamazaki. The minimalist interior of the villa is apparent in the ceilings made of reflective glass, lavish leather finishes, and a granite and marble detailing. The natural colors of the villa were also chosen purposely to complement the beautiful environment.

Installed and supplied by one of Japan's leading aquarium manufacturers, Nippura Co., the accommodation's acrylic dome is one of its highlights. The high-tech building also has an outer shell made up of two steel layers and concrete.

To keep it steady regardless of the water's condition, it is weighed down by 10 pieces of legs, each measuring a meter in diameter, that is concreted into steel piles. Furthermore, the materials that were used were tested for pressure before it was installed to make sure that it is secure enough to withstand the ocean's forces.

Project chief architect and designer Ahmed Saleem said that they were driven by their inspiration to bring a transformative and new approach to travelers all over the globe.

Although The Muraka is the first full residence which even has its own submarine suite, it is not the first hotel room to open underwater.