People who have been wanting to live on an island can finally make their dreams come true by applying for positions available on Bardsey Island.

Located off the coast of North Wales, the island does not just boast pristine waters, but also a wide array of wildlife which includes puffins, seals, and an astonishing 310 species of birds. The Welsh name of the area is Ynys Enlli.

There is a catch, though — to get the job, applicants must be able to speak both English and Welsh. The island will hire two people who could live on the island full-time as a warden, and part-time assistant warden.

The job is bounded by a three-year contract and the hired people will be living together, whether they are partners or friends. The applicant who will be considered from the dream job should be physically fit and should be up for a very challenging, yet rewarding work. If hired, they will be part of a one of a small working community in the island.

The Island

Candidates must be able to take good care of visiting guests during the summertime and withstand isolation. Although surrounded by the beautiful Irish sea and fantastic biodiversity, people who will be hired will also be facing harsh weather.

Bardsey Island is considered as a National Nature Reserve and has a history of occupation, with more than 20 Grade II recognized buildings and numerous Scheduled Monuments. Ten buildings on the island are rented off to visitors during the summer, and around 2,000 people visit the island annually.

Job Description

The assistant warden and the warden will be in charge of the maintenance of the infrastructures on the island, taking care and managing its properties, as well as welcoming its visitors and representing the Trust on the area.

According to its website, the Bardsey Island Trust aims to protect the ecosystem of the island and its wildlife, encourage more people to visit, push for scientific studies and educational programs, safeguard the archeological sites of the island, promote the amazing cultural and artistic life on the area, and engage in agriculture to benefit the island's habitants.

A chair and up to fifteen trustees make up the council which started in 1978, to buy the island from Hon. Michael Pearson.

The one of a kind job pays $21,683 annually for the warden and $10,513 for the assistant warden. Utilities and accommodation are included of the positions' package. The work begins on Oct. 14.